Illustrating Fermob’s industrial know-how, the Alto tray 23 x 17cm is the new addition to collection of two other models. On its own or along with the two other tray formats (53 x 38.5 and 36 x 23.5cm), they fit together perfectly, like nesting dolls. This little format can thus be placed in the medium sized tray which, in turn, fits perfectly into the larger model. Like its older sisters, this decorative tray has the same structure, combining the resistance of metal with the elegance of folded sheet metal. Perfect for so many usages: placed on a console in the hallway, this practical metal tray brightens up your home, while collecting your keys and other important objects. From kitchen to bedroom, it can hold office accessories, jewellery, make-up... And it is just as happy outdoors too. Play around with them! Why not sit down beside it and drink to the versatility of this colourful little tray! Whether used to carry, hold or decorate, the small Alto tray is just so perfect that we are debating whether to show it off or to keep it secret.


  • UV-resistant
  • Stacking

Weight: 0.32 kg
steel sheet