Side tables

You know... It's that little metal table you end up using for everything. The one you move around to wherever you need it or want it. The one that's so light, you can just grab it and set it down anywhere. It's always handy, an essential item in your outdoor furniture collection, and you can even bring it inside. Indoors or out, it's part of your daily life.

Are you picturing a pretty little bedside table, where you keep the book you can barely put down, or a scented candle? Or a side table placed at the end of your sofa to hold your favorite magazines, a vase with a beautiful bouquet, or a few board games? Can you imagine it in the entryway, holding a pretty decorative object to dress things up?

We have low tables to add to your lounge area, or standard height tables for setting down drinks in your outdoor living space. Undecided? Would you prefer a steel table, or an aluminum one? Both are sturdy and long-lasting. Fermob offers such a wide selection of metal tables, made with true expertise, that you'll have no problem finding one that's right for you! The same is true for the color of your side tables: they come in no less than 24 different colors!

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  • NutmegNutmeg
  • Black CherryBlack Cherry
  • Red OchreRed Ochre
  • ChiliChili
  • PoppyPoppy
  • CapucineCapucine
  • HoneyHoney
  • Willow GreenWillow Green
  • CactusCactus
  • RosemaryRosemary
  • Cedar greenCedar green
  • Acapulco BlueAcapulco Blue
  • Deep blueDeep blue
  • LiquoriceLiquorice
  • AnthraciteAnthracite
  • Storm GreyStorm Grey
  • Lapilli GreyLapilli Grey
  • Clay GreyClay Grey
  • Ice MintIce Mint
  • Frosted LemonFrosted Lemon
  • Opaline GreenOpaline Green
  • Cotton WhiteCotton White