In 2015, Fermob revolutionized the outdoor lighting market with the first range of portable lamps, to bring light to any corner of the garden or home.
Now, Fermob has become the leading brand in this product category, driven by its focus on innovation and design.
Since then, Fermob has gone on to develop an entire collection, so that you can always find the right product to suit every taste, whatever your needs.
More than just a collection, it is a lighting manifesto.
Welcome to a unique, innovative experience with Fermob:

Fermob lighting is made in the image of our furniture: innovative, elegant, and designed to be used outdoors in total peace of mind.
At once practical – with their long battery life and wireless technology – and pieces of interior design, there is nothing better to create your own, individual ambience for when the stars come out.

Offering a variety of light intensities and color temperatures, they can be tailored to suit the desired mood and lighting needs of your indoor and outdoor spaces. Designed to be freestanding, wall-mounted, hanging, or portable, Fermob lights cover a wide range of lighting needs: utilitarian to light a patio or reading nook, fun to create a range of ambiences, and portable for a stroll through the garden or along the beach.

And to top it all off, Fermob lights are made from premium materials and electrical components (aluminum, polyethylene, LED, etc.) and undergo water and impact resistance tests (IP, IK, etc.) to make sure they are suitable for portable use inside and outside of the home.

A smart light is a light that can adapt to any ambience and any purpose.
Offset and standard lamp stands to transform the Balad into a standing lamp, or a harness to hang your Aplô.
And why not a wall fixture? So many solutions to do more with your lamps.

The new Fermob Lighting app, available free, gives you super powers and makes it easy to control your lighting right from your smartphone or tablet. You can make infinite adjustments to the light intensity and color temperature, remote control several lamps, configure your favorite ambiences and share them with your friends, track battery life in real time, and set a time for your smart lights to go out, with the “Timer” feature.

Get the smart lighting experience from our lamps with Bluetooth connectivity: Mooon! H63 and H134, the Inouï stool and Hoop string of lights.


Create your own ambiences by playing with different light intensities and color temperatures: warm, for a cozy ambience, neutral for natural lighting, or cold to accent the lines of architectural features.
The perfect way to procure a cozy reading nook, a happy family mealtime, a conscientious office space, or a chic poolside... Fermob lights are real chameleons that adapt to your setting and mood.

You can be a source of inspiration, too, by sharing your Fermob lighting pics on Instagram with the #Fermob and #Fermobpeople hashtags, whether in the garden, by the pool, on the bedside table, in the office, or in the dining room... Which light shines for you?