• Fermob's world

    Fermob's world

    Production & Eco-design, Introduction

    Love, protect and respect nature. And live surrounded by it... Fermob's business is outdoor, which is why sustainability and respect for the environment are naturally rooted in our culture - and in our production process too!

    Welcome to our factory in Thoissey (Ain, France), which makes about 400 000 products every year. 

  • Quality


    Production & Eco-design, Products designed to last

    Stringent inspections are conducted throughout the production process : firstly on the raw materials, then to check the welds, paintwork, assembly, and at last the finished product. Each product is signed by its inspector - a question of responsibility, and personal pride!

  • Our materials

    Our materials

    Production & Eco-design, Metal : an eco-responsible choice

    Metal - steel or aluminium - is the main raw material in Fermob's furniture, and one of the few materials with a recycling system economically organised on a global scale. Today, 98% of metals are recycled worldwide. Fermob can thus guarantee that its furniture is not just recyclable, but actually recycled!

    Received in form of sheets and reels, the steel is mechanically cut, folded and bent. It is also worked in the factory's forge, to make parts that can only be hand-crafted, like the scrolls of our 1900 chair.

  • Paint


    Production & Eco-design, In-house painting line

    Our powder paints are solvent-free and applied in a zero-release facility. The residues are fully recyclable and recycled. They do not affect the health of our employees or consumers, and safeguard the environment.

    Fermob knows that its furniture will live outdoor, exposed to temperamental weather. So we UV-proof our paint to keep it long-lastingly bright. The radiance of our colours will travel with you through time!

  • Outdoor Technical Fabric

    Outdoor Technical Fabric

    Production & Eco-design, Re-used outdoor technical fabric

    When sourcing our outdoor technical fabric (OTF), Fermob picks suppliers with strict sustainability standards. This unique initiative guarantees that all canvas components have been recycled.

    Comfortable, tear-proof, and resistant to deformation, OTF offers numerous benefits for outdoor use:

    - Treated against mold and UV rays, it keeps our colours stable over time

    - It's comfortable, thus removing the need for cushions and their care

    - It stays cool even in full sunlight, and does not retain water - ideal for sunbathing by the pool!

    - Easy care : a spot of soapy water restores its brightness.

  • Eco-design


    Production & Eco-design, A reality

    Fermob's product-development teams and designers have always focused on cutting out superfluous detail, to optimise raw materials and ensure the lightest possible weight.

    This mindset extends to optimising energy consumption, and is reflected in concrete actions, such as introducing a method of oven-drying metal parts that cuts consumption by 30%, and reducing our paint-curing temperature by 10°C.