Children's tables

In Fermob's family of garden tables, I ask for the children's tables. Sure, kids deserve nice tables too. They're small, of course, adapted to your toddlers' size, but definitely worthy of the illustrious grown-up tables that inspired them! They have all the characteristics of their big sisters: the same pure, timeless lines (from Fermob's iconic Luxembourg and Bistro collections), and the same signature colors, so that your little ones' tables can match yours. Or not... it's up to you! For a perfect match, choose the chairs that go with our Luxembourg Kid and Tom Pouce tables.

Treat your kids to a designer table for their lunchtime and snacks. Put it on the patio, in the garden, or in the dining room, or set it up in a corner of the living room or playroom for games and drawing.

Looking for a children's bedroom table? You'll love the mini versions of our Luxembourg and Bistro tables! They're so delightful that you'll also want to use them as occasional tables, indoors or out.

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