Lounge chairs

Sitting comfortably is an art. What should you be looking for in a sofa or an armchair? Comfort... and after that, solid construction and elegance! Fermob armchairs and sofas combine all those qualities. Whether elegant, romantic, or contemporary, simple and light or more ornate, our versatile, timeless, livable, movable armchairs and sofas are your daily companions. Height varies depending on the model and angle, but they all adapt to fit your needs! Our metal and aluminum armchairs and sofas, originally designed as outdoor furniture for your patio or garden, can also be used indoors. Armchairs with cushions, chaise lounges with matching footrests, sofas for sharing, rocking chairs for gentle movement, ottomans and benches: they all add a designer touch to your patio, and the promise of comfortable, happy times chatting with friends, relaxing in the summer sunshine, or reading. Add your own favorite Fermob armchair and sofa activities to the list!

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