All our products are delivered with pads that protect the furniture feet as well as floor surfaces.

These pads prevent any degradation or damage to the feet resulting from contact with the ground, which can sometimes be damp or harsh.

We recommend that you replace any lost pads by ordering a new set from your Fermob dealer.

Any scratches should be quickly treated using the available Fermob after-sales tools (such as touch-up pens and sprays in the color of your furniture).


The sooner these interventions are carried out, the less the rust will spread. We recommend this type of touch-up for the parts of your furniture that cannot be seen. You do not need to use a rust remover on aluminum furniture. Simply sand and repaint.

If you observe minor corrosion on your steel furniture (most often located at the welds, rivets, joints, under the tops or under the seats) the Fermob anti-rust spray will allow you to stop the spread of rust:

Wear and tear of painted items (scratches, stains, etc.), whether natural or through failure to follow our precautions for use, can be alleviated on Textured shades (but not on Smooth shades) by applying paint spray:

If the item has only had a slight nick, you could use the touch-up pen instead.