Sofas, Ottomans

Ask to see the sofas in our garden furniture collection! They're an essential part of any contemporary metal garden furniture set. Fermob, the garden furniture manufacturer, has a treat in store for you! Chatting peacefully, sharing secrets, relaxing side by side, snuggling up close... Enjoy all this and more on your Fermob sofa. Imagine stretching out on your designer sofa, reading a book in the shade of the fig tree. Can't decide between a two or three-person sofa and a bench? Whichever you choose, rest assured that all our outdoor sofas can also be brought inside to decorate your interior. Your sofa is an essential part of your outdoor gathering space, whether fabric-covered or padded with cushions. The garden sofa of your dreams exists; Fermob has designed it especially for you! Will you choose an ultra-contemporary model, or a sofa with rounded angles for a softer look?

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