Joining the large family of outdoor accessories, the Alto tray 53 × 38.5 cm is a hit ! Made from a folded steel sheet, it perfectly illustrates Fermob’s mastery in steelwork. But this know-how would be lost if it were not used on a truly outstanding design. Under the guidance of Fermob studio, this thin metal sheet is transformed to become both elegant and weightless. The icing on the cake? Steel wire handles help make its graceful lines feel even lighter, without making it any less sturdy…

Beyond its stunning design and French manufacture, the Alto tray adds a splash of colour. Fermob’s exclusive colours from its colour chart perfectly pair with the accessory. This versatile and stylish tray is ideal for both inside and outdoor spaces.

Our decorating tip? Have a look at the smaller model, the Alto tray 36 × 23 cm. Combined, they bring a touch of sophistication to your set up. A beautiful duo that will make your daily life easier !


  • Stacking
  • UV-resistant

Weight: 2 kg
steel sheet
steel rod handle