Building on the resounding success of the decorative Balad portable lamps, all the pleasures of a wireless portable lamp are now available in a miniature version! With the set of 3 Balad H12 lamps, Fermob brings light literally everywhere, both indoors and out. Easy to move around and install, these three little wireless table lamps can even be slipped into your luggage to accompany you to the ends of the earth. How far will you take your miniature rechargeable portable lamps?

Like their big sisters, the three Balad H12 lamps enclose a whole lot of technology in a timeless design. The rounded polyethylene diffuser emits a 20 Lm light output that can be modulated with three colour temperatures (2300°K flickering warm white, 4000°K neutral white or 6000°K cool white) and 2 intensity settings (50 and 100%). Accent lighting on a window sill, night light for a child’s room, or a romantic atmosphere for a candlelit dinner: these mini portable led lamps can do all this and more for 13 hours. Small format but big autonomy!

Like all Balad lamps, the H12 can be taken apart and repaired. With their coloured aluminium handles, these table lamps bear the signature of designer Tristan Lohner. Inspired by the shape of headphones, the handle is the origin of the portable lamp concept. Both ergonomic and graphic, it enables your rechargeable portable lamp to be carried in style wherever you want to use it. To the bottom of the garden, the beach and even on holiday! But don't forget the USB cable for recharging!


  • UV-resistant
  • USB

polyethylen diffuser
aluminium Frame
ABS Base
Technology: integrated LED
Luminous flux: 20 lm
Type of control: Controlled with switch
Switch type: push button
Function of the switch: change the light temperature & brightness (short click, 1 s), OFF (long click, 3 s)
Lighting mood: Lighting mood:
Position 1 cool white (6000°K) 100% brightness
Position 2 neutral white (4000°K) 100% brightness
Position 3 candle-style warm white (2300°K) flickering
Type of power supply: battery
Min. Battery life (100%): 10 h
Max. autonomy: 13 h
Recharge time: 4 h
Type of recharge: USB, cable (supplied) 1,5m
Cable (supplied): 1.5 m
Bypass to prevent battery damage during wired use
Amperage: 0.25 A
Voltage: 5 V
Power (Watts): 0.3 W
Ingress protection: IP44
Impact resistance: IK 10
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User instructions - BALAD Set of 3 Lamps H.12 cm (711.1 kB)