Designer Tristan Lohner has made waves yet again with the Aplô H.24 lamp. This is no ordinary wireless, battery-operated lamp: it’s a fully fledged lighting concept. This portable lamp is packed with creative and ingenious qualities. And combined with its clever accessories, it offers a multitude of lighting solutions. Its light bulb-style design is both an obvious choice and a nod to the ideogram that symbolises bright ideas. Designed by Tristan Lohner, it’s an on-trend piece with smart features that looks like something straight out of a comic book. “Got a bright idea?” With Aplô, it’s as simple as that! The Aplô lighting concept is all about ripping up the rulebook. The H.24 lamp is a true chameleon, masquerading in turn as a torch, a decorative lamp, a table or floor lamp, a hanging lamp and even a wall light. Designed to be user-friendly and intuitive, this wireless lamp offers versatility for every occasion – and for every time of day. The Aplô outdoor lamp is packed with know-how. Behind its gentle, playful design lies a powerful 70 Lm LED light with two brightness settings (50% and 100%) and two colour temperature options: cool white (6000°K) and warm white (3000°K). So you can create the ambience that suits your mood, no matter what the time of day. And when it comes to battery life, you can rest easy because the Aplô H.24 lamp operates for 7-15 hours between charges, keeping you illuminated well into the night. This mobile lamp is designed for outdoor use. With an aluminium frame, 100% polyester anti-UV powder coating and polyethylene globe, it offers outstanding impact resistance (IK 10) and ingress protection (IP 54). But that doesn’t mean you can’t use it as an indoor lamp. Quite the contrary! So believe us when we say that the Aplô H.24 lamp is the must-have battery-operated lighting solution to suit every need. Indoors or outdoors, this lamp has it all!


  • UV-resistant
  • USB

Weight: 0.37 kg
polyethylen diffuser
aluminium Frame
ABS Base
Technology: integrated LED
Luminous flux: 70 lm
Type of control: Controlled with switch
Switch type: push button
Function of the switch: change the light temperature (long click, 3 s), change the brightness (short click, 1 s)
Lighting mood: Lighting mood:
Position 1 cool white (6000°K) 100% brightness
Position 2 cool white (6000°K) 50% brightness
Position 3 warm white (3000°K) 100% brightness
Position 4 warm white (3000°K) 50% brightness
Type of power supply: battery
Min. Battery life (100%): 7 h
Max. autonomy: 15 h
Recharge time: 3 h
Type of recharge: USB, cable (supplied) 1m
Cable (supplied): 1 m
Bypass to prevent battery damage during wired use
Amperage: 0.5 A
Voltage: 5 V
Power (Watts): 0.5 W
Ingress protection: IP54
Impact resistance: IK 10
Energy rating: F
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User instructions - APLÔ Lamp (656.2 kB)