With its rounded curves, the Bellevie collection embodies the very essence of the good life, conjuring up images of meals with family and friends that seem to go on forever – those special moments together when time seems to stand still. That’s exactly what Pagnon & Pelhaître had in mind when the studio designed the Bellevie dining table, with its distinctive base that makes a lasting impression.  Imagine four of you seated around this designer metal table for a family lunch, afternoon snack with the kids or dinner with friends. Now imagine looking up. What do you see? A clear blue sky or your dining room ceiling? Either way, you’re right – because your Bellevie dining table 140 x 80 is equally happy indoors and outdoors! In keep with Fermob’s metal treatment expertise, the steel table top and aluminium base are both covered with a polyester powder coating that protects them from the ravages of the weather and keeps them looking fresh over time!  So you know your table will serve you well for years to come – hosting your guests and acting as the backdrop for hushed conversations and shared laughter. Its lightweight build means you can move it from your balcony, terrace or garden into your kitchen or dining room, bringing a designer touch to your interior space. Add in four chairs from the same range to create a winning dining set. And its timeless appeal means you can let your imagination run free: combine it with seats from the Luxembourg, Cadiz or Sixties collection – or anything else for that matter! Because, as its name suggests, the Bellevie dining table is all about living the good life. Its standard height makes this a classic piece of furniture, available in 24 colours.  But if you’re looking for something different, Fermob has also released high and lounge versions! And if you want to kit your entire lounge corner in Bellevie, treat yourself to a sofa and low table from the same collection. There’s even a bench with backrest for the bottom of the garden!


  • 4 people
  • Furniture requires assembly
  • UV-resistant

Weight: 29.6 kg
steel sheet table top
aluminium flat base
Set of 2 leg risers provided for rain runoff