Our furniture is the perfect addition to your outdoor spaces, reflecting your taste and your lifestyle.
Create a colorful atmosphere with monochromatic hues and artistic lines, and perfect your decor by accentuating your personal style!
Picture your ideal dining area, starting with our wide selection of tables, chairs and benches.
Then gather all your guests around a Fermob garden table that seats 8, 10 or even 14 people!

Is your style Contemporary, Retro, Timeless or Classic?

Let our wide selection inspire you, and take you time to build just the right atmosphere.

To give your garden a modern, elegant look, choose contemporary furniture. Contemporary style features clean lines and plenty of room, like our Bellevie table, and flowing geometric designs like our Surprising, Rythmic and Luxembourg chairs.

Tips from our color experts: Play with luminous pastel hues to create a soft, restful atmosphere, to call to mind exotic locales, calm and serenity.

Dreaming of a look that's retro, yet modern? Explore our Sixties and Studie collections. They feature soft, rounded shapes that are perfectly at home indoors and out.

Tips from our color experts: The timeless look of khaki is always a safe bet! We also like Cactus and Pesto, which are easy to pair with Red ochre.

The classic chic style in our collections is filled with history. Its curves and scrolls are inspired by the very French tradition of romantic gardens. Our table and chair collections such as Opéra +, Airloop, 1900, and Lorette bring true French elegance to your garden.

Tips from our color experts: Anything goes! For a sumptuous, lively atmosphere, choose warm colors (Black Cherry, Chili, ...). For an authentic dining area that blends in with the decor, opt for natural colors (Cactus, Rosemary, Willow green).

Zoom in on a minimalist, timeless look. Get back to basics with designs that are always in style, and have lasted through the ages.

Tips from our color experts: The secret to minimalist decor lies in your choice of colors. Try neutral tones such as Anthracite, Clay Gray, Lapilli Grey or Rosemary. Then spice them up with a hint of Honey or a similar color, or with pastels.
Play with combinations of light and dark to create decorative patterns and add depth.