The table is at the heart of summer vibes.
Find the one of your dreams and choose whatever whatever your heart desires from our vast range…
Rectangular, square or round tables ; high tables, standard or coffee tables ; made of steel or aluminium ; or even extendable, collapsible and foldable tables: the list is endless – and that’s without mentioning the design!

Which one will you choose?

When “summer meal” means as well “intimate dining” as “big table.”
From tables for two, ideal for smaller spaces, to tables that can accommodate up to 14 people, Fermob has everything you need!


Our recommendation?
If you don't entertain regularly, we recommend a table suitable just for the members of your household, and a folding table (easy to store) when you host the rest of your clan.
If you like to entertain, our selection of large tables (with or without extensions) is for you!

A matter of taste, but that's not the only consideration!

The shape of your table also depends on your outdoor space: is it elongated? A rectangular table would fill the space better. Is it more square? Let your imagination run wild: a round, square or even oval table, anything is possible!

How about a cocktail? When spending time with friends, family or neighbors, there's nothing like sitting comfortably together in the garden. But what table height should you choose?


- The low table : Fermob has a wide selection available. In addition to our many colors, we offer a variety of designs, sizes and shapes. Would you prefer a round coffee table? Or a square one? Or rectangular? How about nesting coffee tables?
- The mid-height table: perfect for grabbing some crisps without having to bend down, while comfortably seated in your lounger. What's more, matched with suitable armchairs or sofas, they can be used as a dining table!
- The standard height table: it needs no introduction, this is the must-have garden furniture for your summer meals.
- The high table: want to reach for the sky? These tables are perfect for meals on the go or for a cocktail area by the pool.

Practical, easy to move and comfortable, our folding tables fold and unfold in moments. They save space and can be stored discreetly once your guests have left.

Do you have a small balcony? Think about a table with a fold-away top: leave it outside and lower the table-top when you need the space!


If you like to entertain, and you want to optimise your outdoor space, there's no doubt about it: extendable tables are perfect for you!
They are all about sharing and joie de vivre, and should be worthy of these moments of togetherness.


Fermob's technical expertise has given these tables their combination of stability, strength and elegance.
Whether small or large, these tables are very practical. They are perfect for any situation and can be used with many chair styles.