Welcome to the Fermob sky map!
This year, give the gift of iconic and colorful home decor with our selection of lighting, accessories and furniture.
If you're looking for gift ideas to add a touch of magic under the tree, check out the Fermob "sky map".
The stars align with our must-have collections of metal furniture as well as wireless and connected lighting.

Fermob connected lights, a tech gift idea that'll put stars in the eyes of all decorating enthusiasts who love to simplify their lives.
Equipped with BLUETOOTH technology...MOOON lamps! (H.134 cm, H.63 cm and the wall lamp) can be controlled remotely from a cell phone using the "Fermob Lighting" application.

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OULALA and ITAC: gifts with endless possibilities!

Have you been dreaming of a modular, practical and colorful coffee table? Fermob has designed three of them! An original trio that's smart and easy to live with, it goes anywhere inside or outside the home.

The ITAC vase can be placed on a console, pedestal table or attached to the wall...

A new way to decorate and embody the Fermob style.