The latest newcomer to join our gang of lights, combining utility and style.
Tristan Lohner, the designer who created Balad, the first in the range of portable lamps, back in 2015, wanted to update the range with a light bulb shape.
The light bulb, the quintessence of lighting, also symbolises ideas, inspiration, strokes of genius and those eureka moments!
More than a design, Aplô is a genuinely new concept in battery-powered lighting: a range of accessories helps to create multiple different uses.

Aplô can be hand-held for a portable version or set down on a table to light up a dinner.
Once attached to its bespoke strap, it becomes a torch or a hanging lamp.
As a wall light, with the same design, Aplô provides static lighting.
And that’s how Aplô provides such a range of lighting solutions!

Just like the brand’s other models, it has a dimmer function to adjust temperature and brightness.
Another similarity: the use of environmentally responsible materials (LED) and recyclable materials (aluminium, polyethylene).

As you have by now understood, APLÔ is much more than a lighting collection... it is a new concept in battery-powered lighting!
Discover the genesis of this clever, nomadic solution that was born of a close collaboration between Fermob and Tristan Lohner, as told by its designer.

You can be a source of inspiration, too, by sharing your pics of your Aplô lamp on Instagram with the #Fermob and #Fermobpeople hashtags, whether in the garden, by a tree, on the bedside table, on a wall, or in the dining room... Which light shines for you?