Putting your feet on an object called Alizé ... it’s such an inspired name that it almost seems like high treason! And yet the Alizé footrest is a natural addition to the collection it goes so well with: sober, highly graphic and resolutely contemporary. It has the elegance of the range and tags along quite naturally with the low armchairs of the range. Just 2 hooks to fix to your Alizé seat and you’re sorted! Tilt the back of your low armchair and get into a reclining position: so restful and beneficial! You’ll have a great summer like that! It's funny how such a tiny object has so much power: on its own, it brings relief to heavy legs and tired feet and multiplies your comfort tenfold. Enjoy a nap under a tree, or a rest by the pool and then, when you’ve finished with it, simply slide it under the seat it goes with. Clever, right? And there you are: you can use your Alizé low armchair that you have moved onto the terrace, for a nice, comfortable before-dinner drink. Check out the entire Alizé collection designed by Pascal Mourgue: aluminium frame, outdoor technical fabric for a flexible seat, lightness which means ease of movement and unequalled resistance to extreme conditions! Yes, you get all that! It's over here!


  • UV-resistant

Weight: 1.1 kg
aluminium tubular base
outdoor fabric OTF Batyline® Lounge - high-tenacity 100% polyester thread coated in solution-dyed PVC
Can be stored under the low armchair

User instructions - ALIZE Footrest (527.5 kB)