The Monstera 24 x 22 cm trivet is one of the new members of the Fermob family. Its stylised leaf design – from which it takes its name – places it firmly within the current trend for all things green, meaning it’s sure to please nature-lovers everywhere. And of course, that makes it the perfect addition to our Envie d’Ailleurs collection, bringing a splash of vibrancy and colour to any table, indoors or outdoors. This designer trivet once again showcases the breadth and depth of Fermob’s industrial know-how. The brand is a past master in steelwork – and this premium-grade decorative accessory is no exception. Putting creativity front and centre, Fermob has made this piece using the high-precision laser cutting technique, which gives the trivet its subtle, stylish appeal. The result speaks for itself: a latticework leaf that looks almost carved in appearance, evoking the kind of foliage seen on market stalls in far-flung destinations. This little decorative object comes in a wide range of on-trend colours, each brought to life with our solvent-free, highly UV-resistant powder coatings. Ideal for use indoors or outdoors! And that’s not all, because this trivet also comes with non-slip pads for hassle-free socialising around the dinner table. Combining the Monstera trivet with your favourite table – square, round, rectangular, low, bar or occasional – is truly effortless: simply pop it on the surface for a discreet tropical touch. Achingly chic!


  • UV-resistant

Weight: 0.46 kg
Pads: Non-slip pads