Flagship model of the Balad collection, the Balad H25 by Fermob introduced a whole new category of indoor and outdoor lighting: portable lamps. The polar opposite of a static, immobile wired lamp, these portable lamps advocate mobility and a sense of freedom. A revolution in the world of lighting!

Created by Tristan Lohner, the Balad H25 quickly won the hearts of the public with its unusual features. With a light output of 40 Lm, this autonomous lamp casts just the right amount of light wherever you need it, thanks to four lighting scenarios from cool white to a warm candlelight effect. Soft light for evening drinks or the flicker of a flame as evening blends into night: this portable led lamp is full of surprises. And it lasts for 14 hours! Added benefit: the portable lamp, which can be taken apart and repaired, has plans to take over your indoor and outdoor areas for a long, long time...

Both discreet and colourful, the Balad H25 has an ultra light weight polyethylene diffuser. Adopting the new nomadic trend was a deliberate choice by designer Tristan Lohner. And the selection of a coloured aluminium handle, inspired by headphones, for this rechargeable portable lamp is no coincidence either. Soft light for the living room, a night-time wander around the garden, or a beach picnic at sunset: our decorative portable lamp, so much more than just an ordinary lamp, could not be easier to move from place to place. A contemporary design that fits its purpose perfectly!

Our decorating tip? Use a Fermob upright or spike stand to add a little extra height to your Balad H25 lamp. A lovely but incredibly simple way of turning your table lamp into an outdoor street lamp!


  • UV-resistant
  • USB

Weight: 0.53 kg
polyethylen diffuser
aluminium Frame
ABS Base
Technology: integrated LED
Luminous flux: 40 lm
Type of control: Controlled with switch
Switch type: push button
Function of the switch: change the light temperature & brightness (short click, 1 s), OFF (long click, 3 s)
Lighting mood: Lighting mood:
Position 1 cool white (6000°K) 100% brightness
Position 2 neutral white (4000°K) 100% brightness
Position 3 neutral white (4000°K) 50% brightness
Position 4 candle-style warm white (2300°K) flickering
Type of power supply: battery
Min. Battery life (100%): 7 h
Max. autonomy: 14 h
Recharge time: 5 h
Type of recharge: USB, cable (supplied) 2m
Cable (supplied): 2 m
Bypass to prevent battery damage during wired use
Amperage: 0.5 A
Voltage: 5 V
Power (Watts): 0.5 W
Ingress protection: IP44
Impact resistance: IK 10
Powered by Smart & Green

User instructions - BALAD Lamp H.25 cm (688.6 kB)

Notice d'utilisation – Lampe H25 BALAD  (685.9 kB)