With his portable lamp concept, designer Tristan Lohner revolutionised the lighting world. And put an end to static, wired lamps! Lighting has liberated itself of the constraints of wires, now being about to roam freely from indoors to out. Balad, the flagship collection of Fermob’s lighting offer, has democratised practical, fun lighting design. With the Balad upright stand, the brand further extends the range of functions of its portable lamps. Would you like your Balad to become a floor lamp?

Designed for the Balad H25 lamp, the Balad upright stand is the key to turning your wireless portable lamp into a standing indoor and outdoor lamp. With its steel base and light weight, it can be placed literally anywhere. Either indoors or outside, at the end of your sofa or in the middle of the garden, it casts light wherever you need it most. Added benefit: the steel clip system with a protective rubber pad offers even more stability to the overall structure.

Both practical and smart, the Balad upright stand is like all the other metal accessories designed by Fermob. The brand’s industrial expertise in steel work is perfectly illustrated by the slender, elegant design, perfect for outdoor use. And, like all Fermob products, the steel rod structure of the Balad upright stand resists both weather and temperature variations. We love its exclusive colours that lose none of their brightness as the years go by. A range of subtle shades to match (or contrast!) the decorative portable lamps of the Balad collection!


  • UV-resistant

Weight: 6.5 kg
steel wire Frame
steel ballast
Steel clip on ball-joint system with protective rubber pads

Notice de montage Pied Simple Balad (1.6 MB)