So much more than just a collection, Aplô is a unique concept of wireless lamps. Designed by Tristan Lohner, this wireless lighting solution is inspired by the fun world of comic books. And its clever, easy-to-use design holds universal appeal, for use both inside and out! Portable lamp, hanging lamp or wall light, Fermob’s Aplô can be an upright lamp too. With the upright stand, the Aplô collection proposes a multitude of lighting solutions.

The aluminium structure is light and easy to move around, making the Aplô upright stand both ingenious and portable. It is easy to use: simply twist the portable lamp from the Aplô collection one quarter turn into place. It would be difficult to make it any easier! Standing 140cm high, it can be either a street lamp for a terrace or balcony, or a reading lamp for the living room. How many new lighting jobs will you find for it, either indoors or outdoors? Unlike conventional wired lamps, the Aplô upright stand is not electric. Free of all cables, there are no limits to its exploration of new locations.

Fermob, outdoor design specialist, stands out with its long-lasting, weather-resistant products. And the Aplô upright stand is no exception. Its aluminium structure is both sleek and robust. And this is where Fermob truly shines: eliminating the barriers between indoors and outdoors by combining design with functionality. What’s more, the Aplô upright stand comes in coordinated, exclusive colours (or not!). To fit in wherever you want to use it...


  • Furniture requires assembly
  • New

Weight: 3.5 kg
aluminium Frame
ABS Base

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