Designed by : Studio Fermob


For a number of years now, Fermob has stood out in the outdoor lighting market for its innovative offer both in terms of design and technology. In order to enhance users’ experience further still, Fermob has created the LUDO switch, a small object, both stylish and functional, to remotely control all the brand’s connectible products! It has taken all the ingenuity of the Fermob studio to design the Ludo connected switch. This circular mesh button is both timeless and surprisingly simple. A sober line and exclusive colours form the winning combination making this Bluetooth switch so pleasant to use. The hollow in the centre gives form to the colour and welcomes the user’s hand movements. Contrary to standard ON/OFF switches, the Ludo switch offers a surprising range of functions. It can control several lights remotely, vary their light temperature (3000°K or 6000°K) and control their light intensity from 10 to 100%: impossible is not a word in the Ludo vocabulary! It is very intuitive: it only takes a few seconds to get used to the long or short clicks that determine the desired lighting scenario depending on your needs at the time. Child’s play! The LUDO connected switch is perfectly in keeping with the Fermob range. This smart switch is modular and can be used however you see fit. Either wireless, fixed to a wall mount or magnetised on a metal surface, it is connected to all the Fermob Bluetooth lights in your home. Both inside and out! Like all Fermob products, this connected button is designed to withstand outdoor use. It is not vulnerable to extreme weather conditions. Small yet resilient! With LUDO, take control of all your Fermob lights with a simple click... D15 MOOON! wall light, H63 and H134 Mooon! Lamps, Inouï stool, L1200 Hoop string lights: like an orchestra conductor, create the ideal lighting mood by adjusting all your connectible Fermob lights at the touch of a finger. Create a truly enchanting atmosphere.


  • Bluetooth

Weight: 0.08 kg
ABS frame Base
Switch type: push button
Function of the switch: Reset Bluetooth pairing (click and hold for 10 s), ON/OFF (short click, 1s), change the brightness (10 to 100%, click 4 s), change the light temperature (clic 1s)
Lighting mood: Lighting mood:
Position 1 cool white (6000°K) 100% brightness
Position 2 warm white (3000°K) 100% brightness
Type of power supply: pile
Amperage: 0.5 A
Voltage: 3 V
Ingress protection: IP54
Impact resistance: IK 10
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