Caratère is a highly-desirable rectangular table for six people designed by the Fermob studio. Incredibly easy to fold, it goes unnoticed when stored. The Caratère 128 x 90 cm grants a maximum surface in exchange for minimal storage space! Just image the convenience of unfolding it for a last-minute group of guests, and using it as a side table. It can also be enjoyed as an everyday table for your family. Easy to use, it can be folded to clear up some space so that you can make the most of your outdoor area. Folding and unfolding the Caratère table is child’s play! And the same goes for moving it. It can easily be carried thanks to the integrated handle below the tabletop, and it is as light as a feather! Its remarkably light weight and proven solidity are sure to leave you in awe. Its central base gives it great stability and allows you to cross and uncross your legs without bumping yourself: enjoy absolute freedom of movement, free from all obstructions! Since your Caratère table can be folded, it can easily be stored in winter! That said, it is sure to stand the test of time, benefiting from Fermob’s unparalleled expertise in outdoor furniture. Combine your Caratère table 128 x 90 cm with its siblings, the 128 x 128 cm and 190 x 90 cm tables from the same collection in order to create larger table surfaces, in a line, L shape, and why not even in a U shape. Just imagine the endless combinations for your banquet! For a stunning result, combine the Caratère tables with the Bistro or La Môme metal chairs! You are sure to fall in love.


  • Folding
  • 6 people

Weight: 22 kg
steel sheet table top
steel tubular base
Aluminium frame beneath table top