Relax in duo with this original and delightfully ingenious version of the Luxembourg low armchair! It stacking aluminium design means it’s just as practical and easy to handle as its big brother. Just one question: who are you going to share the Duo low armchair with for a session doing absolutely nothing in the sun? The Duo low armchair epitomises French chic and the romance of Parisian gardens. A one-of-a-kind piece, it combines comfort with plenty of clever features – silencing pads that keep noise to a minimum, ultra-sturdy design, and a choice of 22 Fermob colours. A great way to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life!


  • 2 people
  • Stacking
  • Product fitted with silencing pads
  • UV-resistant

Weight: : 11 kg
frame : Tubular aluminium
seat : Curved aluminium slats
backrest : Curved aluminium slats
armrests : Aluminium slats
pads : Silencing
Stacking capacity : 4 x
Height – stacked : 85 cm

Height 72 cm
Width 86 cm
Length 119 cm