Listen up: there’s a new must-have in town!
The Piapolo stool is a smart, versatile, innovative item of furniture that’s very much in keeping with the values for which Fermob is known.
This piece is the brainchild of Tristan Lohner, the man behind the iconic Balad and Aplô lamps. It took a full four years of R&D to achieve the brand’s exacting standards. And the result speaks for itself: a fun, hard-wearing, decorative object with timeless style that means it’ll always be bang on-trend. Judge for yourself!

The Piapolo stool is as cheerful to use as its name suggests.
But in fact, “stool” doesn’t even come close. Because Piapolo is much more than that. It’s a fully-fledged chameleon that fits into any room in the home with bewildering ease: part dining seat, part occasional table, part low table and part bedside table.
You’ll simply love the lid, which lifts with ease to turn this piece into a storage solution – yet another use to add to an ever-growing list. We told you it would live up to its promises!

The Piapolo stool packs every inch of Fermob’s industrial expertise, featuring all the hallmarks that have made the brand a success.
The all-aluminium design makes best use of this lightweight, malleable material.
And the brand renowned for its metalwork expertise has gone back to its roots by employing a traditional bending technique: spinning.
Turning to colors, the Piapolo stool comes in 10 shades of the Fermob color chart, with a 100% polyester powder coating applied using a method that allows the brand’s furniture to withstand even the harshest outdoor conditions.

With its gentle, rounded forms, the Piapolo stool is set to become an iconic addition to patios and terraces everywhere. Use it as seat in your Caractère dining area or as an occasional table for a Bellevie low lounge set. Whatever you choose, it’ll add a touch of style to any indoor or outdoor space!


  • UV-resistant

Weight: 4.4 kg
aluminium sheet Frame
aluminium sheet seat
Upper bowl can be used as a storage compartment
Concealed drain hole at the bottom of the upper bowl
Soundproofed pads and lid