Fermob’s iconic model, the Bistro metal chair, still has more in store to wow you. From New York to Tokyo, it embodies the French art de vivre in the same way as the Eiffel Tower, with which it shares its year of birth! Making its first appearance in 1889, the Bistro chair was an instant hit with café owners, happy to make the most of their first terraces. In addition to its emblematic design, the Bistro chair can be folded in the blink of an eye, a feature which has allowed it to be exempted from patent payment. Holder of the “Simplex” patent, Fermob continues to pave the path of this small metal chair. Here’s the story of a 100% French garden chair that is exported worldwide... The timeless Bistro metal chair has a characteristic “French look”, preserving all of its authenticity and charm. This instantly recognisable garden chair is composed of 7 curved steel slats, and boasts a design that is as elegant as it is effective, which just keeps getting better with time. Fermob’s small folding chair is available in the wide range of colours from its exclusive colour chart. A plethora of colours that have won over many hearts throughout the world, whether it be at the centre of Bryant Park in Manhattan, in the Plaza de la Constitución in Mexico City or on your little Parisian balcony. Manufactured in France, at our historic Thoissey site, the Bistro chair has undergone various upgrades in terms of solidity and durability. Thanks to its seamless mechanism and plastic clips, our metal chair can be folded and unfolded in complete safety. This ingenious and practical product can easily be stored without taking up too much space. The Bistro metal chair adapts to all your indoor and outdoor spaces and can just as well serve as a garden chair or a last minute seat for your surprise guests. If you do not yet have one of your own, the time has come! Discover the wonderfully ingenious collection that has been designed around the original Fermob Bistro chair. In total, the Bistro collection includes 10 tables and 4 chairs to mix & match to your heart’s content. Bring a burst of joy to your terrace!


  • Folding
  • UV-resistant

Weight: 4.8 kg
steel flat Frame
Curved steel slats seat
Curved steel slats backrest
Plastic clips for safe folding and unfolding
One-piece steel cross-pieces