Collection BEBOP

An ode to creativity, inspired by a designer who shares Fermob’s values: Tristan Lohner. Bebop tables call the tune on the terrace! Available in three sizes, this colourful product can be put to a range of uses: occasional table, metal low table, garden pedestal table – or all three at once. The effect is spellbinding: the table top appears to float magically – almost invisibly – on feet that showcase the purity of simple lines. This new, round object is ideally suited to all tastes and all ages. With its jazzy style, Bebop hits the right notes every time. Check out the metal tables (sold separately).

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  • Clay GreyClay Grey
  • Lapilli GreyLapilli Grey
  • Storm GreyStorm Grey
  • AnthraciteAnthracite
  • LiquoriceLiquorice
  • Deep blueDeep blue
  • Acapulco BlueAcapulco Blue
  • Cedar greenCedar green
  • RosemaryRosemary
  • CactusCactus
  • Willow GreenWillow Green
  • PestoPesto
  • GingerbreadGingerbread
  • NutmegNutmeg
  • Black CherryBlack Cherry
  • Red OchreRed Ochre
  • ChiliChili
  • PoppyPoppy
  • CapucineCapucine
  • HoneyHoney
  • Frosted LemonFrosted Lemon
  • Ice MintIce Mint
  • Opaline GreenOpaline Green
  • MarshmallowMarshmallow
  • Cotton WhiteCotton White