The only wood that is totally rot-proof and naturally resistant to external damage. It protects itself.

Teak is used on boat decks, and is the king of woods for outdoors. It requires no maintenance for it to keep its technical characteristics: robustness, longevity and ease of use.

Fermob uses teak with a natural finish, used outdoors. Over time it will display a grey patina caused by exposure to water and ultraviolet light. This does not at all affect the teak’s durability.

It is your choice whether you wish to prevent this natural process or not.

You can remove stains and rings, if you wish, by following the steps below:

Please note that the slats of the Natural Bistro chair are not made of teak, but of Textrol® treated wood to protect it from the weather.
By its very nature, wood requires special care: a wood seal such as Textrol® should be regularly applied, with the prior application of a wood cleaner such as Net-Trol® if necessary.