In the lighting sector, among others, when it comes to associating aesthetics with functionality and durability, Fermob is in a class of its own! The Oto H27 table lamp concentrates a little of all these advantages, being appreciated as much for its meticulously finished style as for its practicality. Spotlight on this wireless lamp that will brighten up your day!

With its totem-like shape, the Oto H27 decorative table lamp makes a decorative statement. Part lighting solution, part decorative object, it sets the tone from the office to the terrace and even into the bedroom. And of course, it is available in a range of exclusive colours too! What really makes it stand out? A metal loop hidden under its stand means it can be hung upside down, becoming a stylish hanging lamp. Both inside and out, its ethic influences spread a breeze of excitement throughout your living areas...

Like little eyes, two diffusers can be rotated 360° independently of one another. Aside from its fun look, this function means your LED lamp can be used for different purposes. Desk lamp one minute, bedside lamp the next, then reading lamp or decorative spotlight, the Oto H27 lamp lights up your space with either diffused light (400 Lm) or a spotlight beam. This decorative lamp also enables the colour of the light to be modulated from warm white (3,000°K) to cold (6,000°k) and intensity can be varied from 10 to 100% using the tactile switch. Personalised lighting! And recharging could not be easier! This wireless lamp is recharged using Fermob’s magnet cable, a magnetic charging system that is incredibly easy to use.

Fermob is very attentive to the environmental challenges facing the planet, and is committed to eco-design methods. Made from aluminium, a material known for its quality, the Oto H27 lamp is both durable and recyclable. This original table lamp is much more than just another consumer product. It will become your lifelong companion!


  • Fermob magnet
  • New

Weight: 1.1 kg
polycarbonate diffuser
aluminium Frame
recycladed ABS Base
Technology: integrated LED
Luminous flux: 400 lm
Type of control: Controlled with switch
Switch type: touch-activated dimmer
Function of the switch: ON/OFF (short click, 1s), change the brightness (10 to 100%, click 4 s), change the light temperature (double short click)
Lighting mood: Lighting mood:
Position 1 cool white (6000°K) dimmer switch (10 to 100%)
Position 2 warm white (3000°K) dimmer switch (10 to 100%)
Type of power supply: battery
Min. Battery life (100%): 6 h
Recharge time: 6 h
Type of recharge: USB Fermob magnet – 1.5 m cable (provided)
Bypass to prevent battery damage during wired use
Amperage: 2 A
Voltage: 5 V
Power (Watts): 6 W
Ingress protection: IP54
Impact resistance: IK 8
Energy rating: F
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