Poppy, Carrot, Cactus, Aubergine, Plum... No, we're not talking about our garden. These are actual Fermob colors! There are 24 of them, so you can imagine the endless possibilities for color combinations... That’s why we've listed lots of fun, trendy ideas below, to help you choose!

Say hello to nature and relaxation with a very natural shade of Cactus green. “Cactus” is a pleasant and versatile color that pairs very easily with “Willow Green” and “Nutmeg” for a monochromatic palette.

Add a fresh touch to your exterior by enhancing “Cactus” with “Lagoon Blue” and “Verbena”.

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Acapulco Blue” and “Deep Blue” are both sophisticated and deep, making these two moody shades the “new black”. For an exotic, wild effect, pair “Acapulco Blue” with “Cedar Green”.
For a Mediterranean-chic look, build on “Deep Blue” by placing it alongside “Plum” and “Aubergine”. 

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How to create a punchy palette for a lively garden this summer: 4 “Carrot” chairs, 2 “Capucine” bridges, and a “Pink Praline” table for a sweet touch. Add a hint of “Chili” for a spicy boost!

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Fiery yet subdued, Red Ochre is an ancient, natural color that elegantly fits into the earthy, return-to-raw-materials trend. This powdery, authentic, and warm color’s spicy accents goes with the warm shades in Fermob’s swatches.

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