After the success of his portable lamps, Tristan Lohner has created a new masterpiece with the Aplô lighting concept. This funny light bulb, which looks like it has come straight out of a comic book, incorporates what has made Fermob famous: simplicity, accessibility and creativity. With your wireless lamp, you can illuminate all your living spaces, both inside and out! In the comprehensive family of clever Aplô accessories, we have added a magnetic base. After the hanging strap and the wall bracket, Fermob has added to its portable lighting concept with a magnetic base. With different magnets spread across its entire base, it can be attached to any metal surface, including the majority of Fermob’s furniture. Whether upright or upside down, horizontal or vertical, the magnetic base keeps your Aplô lamp stable. And transforms it endlessly, always in a fun way... At Fermob, design is as important as technical performance. Like all the accessories in the range, the Aplô magnetic base has the same simple and intuitive fastening system that has made it so successful. With a quarter turn, the table lamp changes use. With its famous powder coating designed for outdoor use, our little volcano is available, at a low price, in all the colours of the lamp. Our decorating tip? Place 2 or 3 Aplô table lamps on their magnetic base down the middle of a 10-person table such as our Bellevie or Ribambelle table. For an enjoyable time, until the small hours of the morning...


Weight: 0.072 kg
ABS Base
Ingress protection: IP54
Impact resistance: IK 10