Designed by : Pascal Mourgue


Four feet firmly set on the ground, and an airy look... Check out the Croisette bench, from the collection of the same name, for an inspired set of garden furniture. Not surprising! It’s designed by the illustrious designer and great friend of the brand, Pascal Mourgue. This bench can seat 3 people side by side for some great times together - sharing confidences, laughter, deep conversations - all this and much more, to share on your outdoor bench! Its flat woven polyethylene threads that hug the shape of your body guarantee maximum comfort ... And combined with its aluminium frame, they make it very light too! So much so that your 3-seater bench is surprisingly easy to move around! You’ll also love its mid-height: you’ll have no difficulty sitting down and getting up. An outdoor bench, which can just as easily embellish your interior decor: that's the spirit of your Croisette bench! It’s available in several colours. Which one will you choose?


  • 3 people
  • Product fitted with silencing pads
  • UV-resistant

Weight: 10.1 kg
aluminium tubular Frame
Braided polyethylene outdoor fibre seat
Braided polyethylene outdoor fibre backrest
Pads: Silencing

unit: cm