Lighting solutions that don't miss a beat! What better way to brighten up your warm summer evenings than with lights up high?
Balad lamps are perched on a pedestal to provide light for all your dinner guests. Aplô hangs from tree to tree until it finds the perfect outdoor reading spot. Then, when the air gets cooler, it hangs on the living room wall to warm you up by the fire. And let's not forget our Hoop garland, the lighting accessory that’ll make your best-dressed tables shine. Whether you hang them, clip them or hook them, your options for enjoying the outdoors are limitless. So, which Fermob hanging light is right for you?

A smart light is a light that can adapt to any ambience and any purpose.
Offset and standard lamp stands to transform the Balad into a standing lamp, or a harness to hang your Aplô.
And why not a wall fixture? So many solutions to do more with your lamps.