Matali Crasset


Matali Crasset sees design as research. She works from a nonstandard perspective that lets her both intervene in daily life and imagine scenarios for the future. Her methodology consists of observing ordinary practices and challenging the usual organizational principles. She invents new rituals based on close observation of habits, as exemplified by her iconic creation, the hospitality column “Quand Jim monte à Paris” (When Jim Goes Up to Paris). She sees the world from a fresh point of view that is also that of an expert, questioning traditional expectations in order to free herself from them. This means that her work consists of searching for new typologies and formulating innovative strategies for life. She defines this research as a source of gentle support on the path to the contemporary.

The experience she has acquired over the years has led to involvement in projects of an increasingly participatory nature at both the local and global levels, in rural and urban areas alike. Encounters, creative workshops, reflections and common desires have led her to work with various project leaders, all of whom share her conviction that collective dynamics generate plausible scenarios of social connection.

In the end, Matali's fantasies, her stories, and the meaning of her work are all focused on the question of how we live together.

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