The Fermob group's team have worked to provide innovative solutions
to the new challenges of professional outdoor spaces in record time, with a BE SAFE product plan.


BE SAFE is a selection of products and new items that draw on the know-how and values of the group's two brands, FERMOB and VLAEMYNCK.
They help to reconcile social distancing and conviviality, liven up safety areas, and provide empathy by changing a few simple actions,
while enhancing customers’ pleasure and experience.


Check out our new BE SAFE products!

Offer your customers a hydro-alcoholic gel dispenser that can be operated with a foot pedal. Its jovial look takes the drama out of hand-washing, and colours will give a good look to the oudoor spaces. The dispenser is supplied with a gel container to be filled (1 Litre) to operate correctly.

• Weight: 7 kg
• Dimensions: H 100 cm / Base: 30 x 20 cm
• Can be fixed to the floor with 4 screws Ø6 mm (not supplied)
• Aluminium frame and steel foot
• Bottle can be locked with a padlock (not supplied).


• Colours

Abélio, the multi-purpose product. It allows you to separate your dining sets by minimizing their spacing, without obstructing the passage and guaranteeing your guests’ safety. It adorns space without making it seem heavy, thanks to its transparent plexiglass panel. Its asymmetrical shape, symbolizing a tree, brings a decorative touch to your outdoor space.

• Circular black cast iron base
• Transparent plexiglass panel with anti-UV treatment
• Weight: 23 kg
• Dimensions: H150 X L140 cm

A simple system with posts to be set in soil or sand, to psychologically delimit intimate spaces and ensure that your customers are properly spaced. The triangular shape of the fabric calls to mind the nautical world, and the Batyline is easy to clean. Simple construction, limited lifetime.


• Dimensions: H110 x L180 cm

A steel tube separator, to be set in the sand, to safely separate your customers’ sunlounger sets or deckchairs. The Batyline fabric is stretched by means of a Velcro system and is easy to maintain.


• Dimensions: H108 x L170 cm

Disinfect your surfaces and furniture with these sprayers. They are resistant to bleach and alcohol-based products (see dilution instructions on the leaflet).


- Surface covered 15 m2 (15 seconds / m²)
- Or about 30 Bistro chairs (15 seconds / chair)
- Surface covered 76 m2 (7.5 seconds / m²)
- Or about 50 Alizé sunloungers (15 seconds / sunlounger)


Ready to use professional disinfectant does not require rinsing, virucidal according to the decree of 13 March 2020, compatible with surfaces for food, colourless
and odourless (A 98% diluted bleach solution may also be suitable).