Fermob’s Contract Unit is dedicated to professionals the world over. To hotel and restaurant owners. To retailers, fitters, architects and landscapers serving the hospitality and catering industry. To public space and office outdoor space managers. And to anyone planning to fit out an outdoor space and wanting only the very best for the public, customers, guests, strollers and passers-by.


Because professional outdoor spaces make that all-important first impression for private and public institutions, they need to be customised, appealing and designed holistically. Furniture, lamps, separators, parasols and decorative accessories are all part of the overall look. They speak to a style that matches your identity.



For Fermob, the professional market was where it all began with the Bistro chair. The iconic piece is based on the Simplex model, which Fermob patented in 1889 and originally marketed to lemonade-sellers. Since then, our professional catalogue has grown to 400 products across over 60 collections – and that’s not including adaptations and made-to-measure pieces.


Our 30-strong Contract Unit team works exclusively with professional customers, dispensing advice, coordinating our operations and offering an unrivalled standard of service. The unit provides layout advice, produces 2D and 3D plans, generates 3D modelling files, designs special products, offers bespoke services, handles installation and assembly, and more.

Since 2013, the VLAEMYNCK brand, a French brand of excellence for outdoor umbrellas and furniture for hotels and restaurants, has joined the FERMOB team.

Vlaemynck is a textile manufacturer as well as a teak expert.


CONTRACT UNIT offers products from both brands.

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