Other group brands

Fermob + Vlaemynck + Smart and Green

an alliance forged to better serve professionals

Fermob is addressing the contract market through three companies and three brands.

  • Fermob, the leading French manufacturer of colourful metal garden and outdoor furniture,
  • Vlaemynck, a specialist with more than 50 years’ experience making parasols and furniture for hotel and restaurant professionals,
  • SMART & GREEN, a start-up from Grenoble driving innovation in LED lighting to create magical outdoor settings for professionals.

The three companies all share strong ties to the industry, long relationships with hotel and restaurant professionals, and complementary skillsets.

Today, the three brands are focussing on finding synergies and working together to build a range of meaningful products that will create beautiful, enchanting outdoor dining areas. All with a firm goal in mind: to make life easier for professionals and more comfortable for their customers!



Fermob, the market leader, has achieved 27 consecutive years of growth, and generates 48% of its turnover abroad. It started with metal furniture, and has grown to offer a more comprehensive range of furnishings for outdoor spaces. Hotel and catering industry customers, for whom Fermob has a special department, appreciate the quality of the products and services on offer, in particular the customisation options.

For major clients and projects, Fermob formed a “Special Contracts” department that has created exclusive collections for groups like McDonalds, Starbucks, and Veuve Clicquot.


In June 2013, Fermob acquired Vlaemynck. Founded in 1965, this company has been making and repairing parasols, sun loungers, and furniture for the most beautiful beaches of the Côte d’Azur for over 50 years. Vlaemynck is also the company that first brought teak furniture for hotel and restaurant terraces to France. Its range of 3000 products are made in a 14,0000m² production and assembly facility in Macon, and it can boast a portfolio of some 15,000 loyal hotel and restaurant customers. The finest palatial hotels in seaside resorts have placed their trust in the brand, which has taken on a whole new dimension under Fermob, with the addition of a design culture, master metalcraft, investment in industrial facilities, international experience, and expansion of the beach hire business.

As for what Vlaemynck brought to Fermob, there’s its fabric expertise and its mastery gained through 25 years of working with teak. This combined know-how is what makes the two brands today able to offer teak and aluminium furniture, as well as sofa and armchair to showcase fabrics.


In July 2016, Fermob acquired a 50% share in SMART & GREEN, a start-up build around a cutting edge LED lighting production facility. After developing innovative smart LED technology, SMART & GREEN is now launching Smartmesh, a new app that lets you use Bluetooth to programme your lighting. Its flair for innovation recently received official recognition at the International Bluetooth Summit (in New York on 11 October), where it was featured among the 20 companies offering the best examples of the latest Bluetooth technology.

The ties that bind Fermob and SMART & GREEN were made when the two companies developed Balad: the mobile lamp marked the brand’s entry onto the lighting market, becoming a strategic product. A selection of the SMART & GREEN range for hotels and restaurants will be on display on the stand of its exclusive distributor for hotel and restaurant professionals, Vlaemynck.



While each brand plans to keep its own identity they are working together... smartly. Their industrial culture lays the foundations of their respective strategies and their synergies, enabling them to work together on innovative projects for their brands and customers. Their take on design produces unique, modern pieces, and their values encourage their customers to come along for the ride.