planche à découper, planche à snacker


Melon Snack board

Envie d'Ailleurs


planche à découper, planche à snacker


The Melons snack board, part of the Envie d’Ailleurs collection, adds an invigorating, exotic touch to drinks and tapas evenings. It’s the ideal accessory for people who like to stand out from the crowd!
Day-to-day accessories aren’t just practical – they can be decorative, too! And Fermob is leading the way with this decorative, functional snack board – use it to prepare or serve your food and it’ll soon become the star of the kitchen. The concept means it is an absolute must-have accessory, making the journey to-and-fro between kitchen and table.
This snack board – developed by Fermob and manufactured by Platex – is impact- and heat-resistant, easy to clean (by hand or in the dishwasher) and designed for 100% outdoor use.

Don’t delay – explore the Pastèques snack board, the ideal accompaniment to the Melons version, and the rest of the Envie d’Ailleurs collection.

planche à couper Envie d'Ailleurs


  • UV- Resistant
  • Outdoor use

Guaranteed dishwasher-friendly
Resistant to heat, bumps and scratches
High Protection Treatment for outdoor use

Envie d'Ailleurs - Technical specifications.pdf (849.7 kB)

planche à couper Envie d'Ailleurs
Height 25 cm
Depth -
Width 19 cm