Launched in 2017, the Color Mix collection brings you an even better way to experience Fermob furniture. Decorative cushions, fouta towels, and garden ponchos, this collection offers you outdoor accessories that are as ingenious as they are functional. Just like this set of cushions that has just been added to our range of seat cushions, and which are perfect for the Luxembourg and Monceau low armchairs. For an outdoor space that’s both comfortable and unflinchingly modern.

More than just a couple, our set of cushions are genuine 2-in-1 products. One moment a seat cushion, the next a padded backrest, then both at once: they are designed to bring a touch of comfort to your garden armchairs. Close your eyes and just imagine... A sunny day, having a drink with friends: you’re ready for a good time. All you need to do is press your cushion’s PVC strip to attach it securely to your seat. It’s an innovative touch found on every product in the Color Mix collection, and part of what makes it a success. Come evening, and before you settle down on your terrace in your lounge armchair, remember to add the cushion used as a backrest. Basking in the sun was never this good...

The rounded shapes and exclusive colours of the pair of Color Mix cushions are an elegant accompaniment to the clean lines of Fermob’s metal furniture. For a relaxing, yet inspiring ambience. Like all Fermob products, our pair of cushions has been designed to be easy to use and easy to look after. Made from Dralon® dyed acrylic fabric, it is UV and weather-resistant, and can handle both stains and bumps. You can remove the covers from the cushions and pop them in the washing machine. They’ll be ready to use again in no time! Clever, right?


  • Brush the fabric if there are stains or other marks
  • Removable covers
  • New
  • Iron-safe
  • Water-repellent fabric

textile : Dralon® solution-dyed acrylic
Type of protection: : Tearproof, resistant to stains, mould and abrasion
Filling: : High-resilience foam
Density : 30 kg/m³
tie : Coloured PVC strap fastened with a snap button (do not iron)
Must be brought inside during bad weather

Height 41 cm
Width 41 cm
Length 45 cm