The Trèfle collection is also available in rugs for indoor or outdoor use. A simple stylized pattern. “What’s that I can see? Yes! A 4-leaf clover rug! I’m going to pick it!” It’s sure to bring you good luck!

Tapis de sol outdoor Trèfle 200 x 200 Fermob


  • UV- Resistant
  • Outdoor use

Trèfle rug 200 x 200 cm

2 years guarantee


  • Ultra-resistant PVC Bolon fibre,used in community buildings
  • Made in France
  • Outdoor use guaranteed (anti-UV, weather-resistant)
  • Abrasion-resistant
  • Easy to maintain : can be cleaned with soap and water

Utilisation-PIECES RAPPORTEES-Tapis-UT0027-c.pdf (7.5 MB)

Trèfle - Technical specifications.pdf (402.9 kB)

tapis outdoor
Height 200 cm
Depth -
Width 200 cm