Cushion 70 x 70 cm

Clé des Champs



An XL decorative cushion, part of the Clé des Champs collection, plunging us into a world that is both rustic and sparkling. You’d like to get lost in its light, airy plant pattern, evoking the pure air of the countryside. Its dimensions and coated fabric (on the back), mean that it can be put to many different uses. You can imagine it lying on the ground as part of your garden furniture, placed on an outdoor sofa, or by the pool with your feet in the water! Fermob designs its decorative collections for outdoor use, so it’s important for them to be hard-wearing. This cushion is made from French fabrics: Jacquard (on the front) and coated. This coating makes it more than ideal for outdoor use: anti-stain, mould-repellent, waterproof, and resistant to salt and chlorine. And it’s easy to care for, as the cover is removable and machine washable. Check out rest of the collection and enjoy mixing with other “Pièces Rapportées” accessory collections.


Side A: Jacquard fabric made in France
100% acrylic Dralon® fibre
Teflon® treated (stain-resistant) & mould-resistant
Side B: 100% cotton fabric with acrylic and polyurethane coating
Waterproof, resistant to salt and chlorine
Easy to clean
Must be brought inside during bad weather

unit: cm