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"Is your outdoor space missing a touch of life? If so, the Picoti bird feeder is just what you need! With a choice of exclusive thriving colours from the Fermob colour chart and the birds that it will attract, this decorative bird feeder will bring life to your garden or terrace. Designed to bring you joy, and happiness to those around you.

The PICOTI bird feeder pays tribute to nature and is shaped like a small tree house. Designed by Catherine Sofia, this light and ethereal bird feeder is right at home in all outdoor spaces. Whether screwed to a wall or hanging from a tree branch, it is guaranteed to delight your feathered friends. And to draw them in, it has never been easier! Just place a couple of seeds in the stainless-steel bowl and let nature work its magic. Both in summer and winter, it will become indispensable - place seeds in the colder months and water on sunnier days to help hydrate the birds that will be drawn in. As such, you can make the most of your bird feeder all year long!

An accessory that is 100% adapted to outdoor spaces, the PICOTI bird feeder is a true reflection of the brand’s values. The perforated steel sheet roof and polyester suspension cord have been carefully selected for their outstanding resistance to outdoor conditions. Fermob has designed this bird house with its industrial know-how and signature laser cutting technology. The product’s manufacturing excellence is sure to leave you in awe."


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Weight: : 0.8 kg
Steel sheet frame
Removable stainless steel bowl
100% polyester outdoor cord
Double fastening system: suspension or screws (not provided)

Height 16.5 cm
Width 18 cm
Length 20 cm