Flagship model of the Mooon! collection, the H41 table lamp was the first of a whole new generation of portable smart lamps by Fermob for outdoor use. Quite unlike traditional, rather dull lamps, this decorative item is the first wireless table lamp for both indoor and outdoor use that can be recharged by a USB cable. Let’s take a look back at this success story that is more than just good luck...

The H41 Mooon! lamp designed by Tristan Lohner attracted users with its iconic style. Freely inspired by the legendary Parisian street lamps of the 19th century, Fermob’s aluminium lamp recalls the timeless style that made them famous. And who could not love its spherical polyethylene globe, an obvious nod to our night-time celestial body. The result? A decorative lamp, both perfectly sober and furiously chic, that is equally at home by your bed or on a side table in the living room. Or even outside, because it is made from weather-resistant, robust materials (IK10 and IP44). Pretty clever! 

Discreet but with a subtle dash of colour, the H41 Mooon! lamp is also incredibly efficient. The lamp’s dimmer switch controls two colour temperatures (3000°K and 6000°K) and an intensity range from 10 to 100% for the 150 Lm light output. From bright light for an outdoor dinner table to the softest of night lights, you can create the lighting scenario to suit your mood. And the light will last for 8 hours!


  • UV-resistant
  • USB

Weight: 0.7 kg
polyethylen diffuser
aluminium Frame
ABS Base
Technology: integrated LED
Luminous flux: 150 lm
Switch type: dimmer
Function of the switch: ON/OFF (short click, 1s), change the brightness (10 to 100%, click 4 s), change the light temperature (double short click)
Lighting mood: Lighting mood:
Position 1 cool white (6000°K) dimmer switch (10 to 100%)
Position 2 warm white (3000°K) dimmer switch (10 to 100%)
Type of power supply: battery
Min. Battery life (100%): 8 h
Max. autonomy: 16 h
Recharge time: 7 h
Type of recharge: USB, cable (supplied) 2m
Cable (supplied): 2 m
Bypass to prevent battery damage during wired use
Amperage: 2 A
Voltage: 5 V
Power (Watts): 2.5 W
Ingress protection: IP44
Impact resistance: IK 10
Energy rating: F
Powered by Smart & Green

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