Already the designer of the Luxembourg collection, Frédéric Sofia has put his name to the Lorette collection, a set of refined garden furniture. The Lorette collection will bring a breath of fresh air into your daily life.
Treat yourself to the intricate craftsmanship of this characterful table, decorated with a central monogram evocative of the world of luxury, a stylised four-petalled flower carefully made by Fermob craftsmen.
This refined pattern can still be seen even when the table is laid: a stylish signature. The Lorette table is not only pretty; it is also durable and very easy to handle: its very secure system means you can fold and unfold it with no risk of getting your fingers pinched. And it can be stored away just as easily. Fermob has thought of everything: when it’s folded up the table top doesn’t touch the ground!

You’ll fall for this pretty French-made garden table, with unbeatable value for money. You'll also love the Lorette folding chairs, and why not treat yourself to a chic, country garden set in the colour you’ve chosen from the Fermob color chart!


  • 5 people
  • Folding
  • UV-resistant

Weight: : 12 kg
frame : Steel
table top : Perforated, laser-cut steel sheet
pads : One-piece

Height 74 cm
Width 96 cm
Length 96 cm