Once upon a time there was a collection, prettily named Lorette. A line designed by Frédéric Sofia, who has been working alongside Fermob for many years. He’s THE designer of the emblematic Luxembourg collection. In the Lorette family, I’d like the table, decorated with a central monogram evocative of the world of luxury, a stylised four-petalled flower carefully made by Fermob craftsmen. Your Lorette table has it all her own way! It’s compact enough to unfold even in small spaces: it is ideal for a balcony or a small patio in town. Light and sturdy, it can be slipped it into the boot when you go off on a picnic in the park or in some friends’ garden. And when it needs to, the Lorette table can be discreet: fold it up for easy storage. Have no fear for your fingers: folding chairs hold no secrets for Fermob! Their know-how is in evidence on terraces all over the world with the emblematic Bistro chair! Always concerned that its products should be comfortable to use, Fermob has equipped its folding tables with an infallible safety system.  You’ll fall for this pretty French-made garden table, with unbeatable value for money. Match it with Lorette folding chairs, for refined garden furniture in the colour you choose from the Fermob colour chart! Your Lorette table looks so alluring!


  • 4 people
  • Folding
  • UV-resistant

frame : Steel
table top : Perforated, laser-cut steel sheet