OULALA! WOW! Such is sure to be your reaction at the sight of our trilogy of low nesting tables. Fermob has pulled out all the stops with these three side tables in coloured metal. Are you dreaming of a low table that is both sexy and robust? Fermob has made three of them! As its name indicates, the OULALA trio of low nesting tables is composed of three low tables with different geometric shapes and heights. The two rectangular tables (55x30xh40 and 50x30xh34) and the square table (40x40xh37) can be slotted under each other or arranged in a multitude of possible combinations. They can be used alone or together in any number of attractive and functional modular configurations: at the end of a sofa, dotted around a lounge or as a guéridon or coffee table. Play around with them! This trio of low nesting tables showcases the ingenuity of the Fermob studio and its French manufacturing expertise. The real cleverness of this practical product lies in its compact design. The three low metal tables are composed of a curved steel wire base and a sheet steel top. A subtle combination of volumes and voids gives it a truly contemporary feel, despite its small use of floor space. Designed for use outside, our OULALA stylish low tables are also perfectly suited for use indoors! An innovative, clever and practical product for use anywhere in your home: who could ask for more? And yet... What really makes it stand out? The trilogy of low nesting tables is available in ultra-trendy colour combinations. The matching shades will add a graphic touch to your outdoor space that will be difficult to resist. There’s only one word for it: “Oulala!”


  • UV-resistant

Weight: 11 kg
steel sheet table top
steel wire base
Steel sheet table top
Steel wire base