"Whoever said that an item couldn’t be both useful and pleasant was gravely mistaken! At Fermob, we strive to make products that are always functionally aesthetic. Within the large range of side furniture, we present to you the Picolino plant holder: a small, light, handy and versatile item. It is designed to facilitate your indoor and outdoor life, and always with the utmost style!

Fair warning: this item is an absolute must-have! As usual, the Fermob Studio intends to seduce us with the Picolino plant holder. This metal shelf is composed of a sheet steel storage tray and a shelf mounted on a steel wire structure. It would be rash to qualify this item as your every-day plant holder on a stand. With its practical “U”-shaped storage tray and shelf, it offers unparalleled versatility. It can be used as a magazine rack or a bottle holder, or can even be transformed as an occasional bookcase, a side bar or a decorative shelf. We look forward to seeing all the creative ways you will use it!

The simplicity of the folded metal sheet as well as the precise bending of the wire give the entire structure a truly contemporary feel. The thin lines produced by the wire structure offer an extremely lightweight design. The result? The Picolino plant holder can be effortlessly transported from outdoor to indoor spaces whenever you’d like.

The advantage of such a simple and efficient design is that you can let your imagination run wild when selecting a colour scheme. It is for this very reason that the Picolino plant holder is available in all colours from the Fermob colour chart. All available tones are a match made in heaven! The hardest part will be choosing the colour that is perfect for you..."


Weight: 9.7 kg
steel wire Frame
Steel sheet shelf