The archetypal Parisian lady !

Behind this "pretty lady" lies an impressive story. She owes her attractive curves to Olivier Gence, a design student from ENSAAMA and one of 58 entries in a competition to reinvent the legendary Bistro chair. Sensitive to the chair's popular spirit, Olivier produced a winning submission named after Edith Piaf (the archetypal Parisian lady): a modern, mobile chair with a handle that can be used to fold and unfold the chair with the utmost simplicity. Its wider slats make it even more comfortable, while the three modern colour combinations enhance its visual appeal. The result is a cheeky nod to its illustrious elder sister.

Chaise pliante en métal


  • Folding
  • UV- Resistant
  • Professional Contract Market

Weight: 6,1 kg
3-year guarantee


  • HLE (High Limit of Elasticity) steel seat
  • Steel backrest
  • Very High Protection Treatment for outdoor use
  • Anti-UV powder coating

La Môme - Technical specifications.pdf (220.2 kB)

Chaise pliante en métal
Height 84 cm
Depth -
Width 44 cm