Fermob has teamed up with Léona Rose for a new twist on the Balad H25 lamp. The talented young French artist has drawn inspiration from her irresistibly dreamlike world to design a custom, colourful, vibrant, jungle-themed skin for the brand’s portable lamp. It’s a collab with visual appeal and a resolutely human touch – just like Fermob itself!

Fermob’s Balad H25 lamp has revolutionised the outdoor lighting market, introducing the ground-breaking concept of the portable lamp. This mobile lamp boasts beauty and practicality in spades, making it a hit with users both indoors and outdoors. It's the iconic handle shaped like a set of headphones – this time in Acapulco Blue – that gives this outdoor lamp both its (inimitable) identity and its practicality. So grab one for yourself and take it on your travels. Our proudest achievement? The way you use it in your everyday life!

This new limited-edition version sees the Balad H25 lamp take on a stunning, shimmering pattern that’s simply bursting with joie de vivre. Léona Rose’s blue and red tones look truly resplendent. And Fermob’s industrial know-how comes into play once again. Because aside from its impeccable appearance, the skin – applied to the diffuser via water transfer printing – detracts nothing from the comforting glow of the four lighting moods. Nor does it take away from the ingress- and impact-resistant qualities for which the brand’s outdoor lamps are known.

All in all, it’s very much a success story for Fermob, which has once again combined industrial might and creativity in a limited-edition release that’s equally at home outdoors and indoors!


  • New
  • UV-resistant

Weight: : 0.53 kg
diffuser : Polyethylene
handle : Aluminium
Lighting intensity : 2 neutral white (100% & 50%) + 1 cool white (100%) + 1 candle-style flickering mode + OFF
T° colour : 1 candle-style warm white (2300°K), 1 neutral white (4000°K) and 1 cool white (6000°K)
Technology : integrated LED
Power (Watts) : 0.5 W
Luminous flux : 40 lm
Min. Battery life : 7 h
Max. : 14 h
Rechargeable : 5 h
Type of power supply : battery
Cable (supplied) : 2 m
Controlled with switch
Bypass to prevent battery damage during wired use
ingress protection : IP44
impact resistance : IK 10
CE standard : Yes
FCC standard : Yes
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Notice d'utilisation - Lampe H.25 BALAD (685.9 kB)

Height 25 cm
Width 19 cm
Length 19 cm