accessoires de jardin fermob

Collection Clé des Champs

When poetry comes into the garden...

A bucolic, poetic collection with unmatched evocative power. The dandelion pattern calls to mind the clean country air, light, crisp vegetation and memories of blowing dandelion clocks as a child. And yet there’s the temptation to go for contrast, as suggested by its very bright colours, bringing the countryside and a breath of fresh air to urban terraces.
The Clé des Champs collection opens up plenty of new horizons... So... Have fun! And place these outdoor accessories all around your garden or on your patio to give a subtle, bucolic decorative touch. It will go great with your Fermob garden furniture.

Find out more about the decorative cushions, throws and trivets that make up the Clé des champs collection.

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  • Clay GreyClay Grey
  • Frosted LemonFrosted Lemon
  • Ice mintIce mint
  • Cotton whiteCotton white
  • NutmegNutmeg
  • RussetRusset
  • Cedar greenCedar green
  • RosemaryRosemary
  • CactusCactus
  • Willow GreenWillow Green
  • VerbenaVerbena
  • HoneyHoney
  • Red ochreRed ochre
  • CapucineCapucine
  • Pink pralinePink praline
  • PoppyPoppy
  • ChiliChili
  • Deep blueDeep blue
  • LiquoriceLiquorice
  • AnthraciteAnthracite
  • Storm GreyStorm Grey
  • Steel GreySteel Grey
  • Lagoon BlueLagoon Blue
  • Acapulco blueAcapulco blue